What is a “Marketing Collective”?


The Collective is the part of Alchemical Child tasked to support, incubate, and spread your vision.

All proceeds received from Hosting and Marketing shares will be used as follows:

  1. Hosting costs, site maintenance, and Directory improvement.
  2. Targeted ads on Facebook, Google, and Twitter promoting the Directory
  3. SEO development

As a Partner within the Collective, you are entitled to a number of benefits depending on your buy-in level.

The premier among these benefits is the creation of a Creator Profile Interview, which is essentially a podcast (or series of podcasts) in which we discuss who and what you are. We want to know about you, and so does the world. These in-depth professional interviews are a perfect way for you to reach your audience, but beyond this, we work with you to explore the matrices of your creative world. We are here to help your Alchemical Child grow and expand. We hope to see you soon!

If you are already a Directory Member and wish to upgrade, great! Just go to your listing in the Dashboard and select "Change Plan".


To learn more about the Marketing Collective Partnership levels and benefits, please click here.