Laughing Goddess

Inspires Sensual Fluency

By reconnecting women

With the wisdom of the Womb

And the rhythms of Earth

To stir within,

The Wild Feminine

That we may remember

How to Live Magic…


Sistars, we are not who we think we are.

And we are certainly not who we’ve been taught we are.In fact, as a collective, we Western women have lost touch with a great lot of the most badass aspects of being a female human.Instead, we have been taught from the time of our birth to dread, fear, and feel ashamed of the most womanly parts of ourselves.Men, too, have been socially conditioned to devalue feminine traits.  At the most extreme, this is evidenced by the fact that one in five women report being raped before the age of 22. The psychology of our culture casts humans–especially women–as objects.There is a reason for the aggressive nature of this conditioning, Loves…There is a power within YOU that dwarfs any quantity you could imagine with your human mind…

Woman, do you know who you are?

You Are Goddess

You are literally a cell of Mother Earth, her antenna. She both perceives and creates through you. As an extension of her body, she is your larger self.

YOU are a living Goddess.

Your Body is Divine

Your body is a sophisticated biofeedback mechanism for Mother Earth, and your five physical senses and your breath are like an umbilical cord that keeps you connected to her, your larger body.

Your body is the portal to your Divinity.

Magic is your Birthright

Living Magic is mastering the language of the senses. It is through our bodies we can consciously cultivate, harness, and direct energy to create our desires. It is here where all power lies…which is why this information has been hoarded by those in power for thousands of years…

I am here to help you remember that this awareness is your birthright.

Your self image defines the perimeter of your possibilities.


Sensual literacy

The bridge between your current self image and knowing you ARE magicThe secrets of the cosmos are embedded in your body and you can access them through your senses. To understand who you are, you need only learn this language.Your body is the portal to reconnect with the raw you beneath your social conditioning.


The disconnect

If we’re so magical, why are we so miserable?Okay, so maybe you’re not miserable. But being a woman is definitely not for sissies! If we are so magical, why do we experience so much pain and suffering?We are disconnected from our larger selves because we are disconnected from our bodies.The disconnect we feel from our bodies is a direct result of our Western patriarchal upbringing.


We are in this together and I am here to help!

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