The art of Tarot invites us to explore the hidden symbolism we all share within our collective consciousness. Understanding this symbolism gives us the keys to understanding our experience in life by revealing the aspects that guide us and challenge us in any given situation.

My name is Nathan Amthor.  Thank you for visiting this page.
I have been engaged in deep study of the Tarot for over twenty years. I have worked with many decks, but my favorite by far is the Thoth Tarot, with it's deep elemental and astrological symbolism and beautiful, evocative imagery.
I have decided to make my readings available to the general public in order to bring healing, insight, and truth to the world.

Current Offerings

One Card Indicator

With just a single card, drawn from your initiation of our connection, I can give you a great deal of insight into any situation, be it something specific or general.

Price: FREE - Limit 1 Per Person

Five Card Divine Pair

This spread is of my own design, inspired by my work of balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within myself. With it, I can give you your true thoughts and feelings on any given situation, what it is you are not facing, and the advice the Divine Polarities, the God and Goddess, have for you. This is a great reading for when you are feeling inner conflict or simply wondering how to manage a situation in the most balanced way.

This reading is done via Facebook chat.

Price: $25 USD

Fifteen Card Star and Snake

This is the traditional Thoth Tarot Spread, which is specially designed to give the querent deep insight into what one is currently manifesting along with an alternative path. Additionally, one's karmic guides an unavoidable influences are revealed.

This is very detailed reading that is best first done via video chat, though this is not required. Once the cards are pulled, I do a deep, symbolic analysis of each card in order to give you the most in-depth reading possible. I provide a PDF with a description of each card, along with my interpretation of each position and a general summary than tells the story of how these archetypes are playing out in your life. This takes 1-2 days to complete.

Example Reading

Price: $133 USD


Ready for your reading?

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