Just what is an Alchemical Child?

Google around a while, you might get the gist, but here is the true understanding: the Alchemical Child is the creation you put forth into the world. It is the sum of your efforts, your energy, your inspiration made manifest. It is the presence you build with your passion, your spirit, your truth.  Your art, your healing, your inspiration. This is the spiritual child you nurture, the dream you pursue, the all-consuming purpose of your deepest heart.
Individually, we can create much, but collaboratively we co-create our reality. The character of the effort we put forth, our sincerity, authenticity, and compassion, are what allow us to "swim together", to join one another in the adventure of finding new ways to express ourselves, build community, and manifest abundance for us all.




Alchemical Child is a synthesis of diverse visions into a collective body, empowering individuals and communities to live cooperatively, equitably, and harmoniously.

We believe that unity is the key to the health and abundance of humanity. We often like to say, “we are one body”; there is no separation between any of us. The Alchemical Child is an ancient mystery of deep magic, representing a being formed from the will and wisdom of the alchemist out of an assemblage of powerful elements. When treated with care, the Child arises imbued with divine power, bringing wisdom and enlightenment to those who came before.

We envision a community of Alchemical Children, the creativity you bring forth into the world. We partner with people who bring healing and joy to the community, who are committed to the values of love and peace, and who are seeking to fulfill their life purpose by being their authentic selves. We showcase artists, creators, and visionaries who push the boundaries of convention to shift paradigms and awaken the hearts and minds of others. We go beyond what is known, chasing the horizon of possibility.

Won't you Join Us?



More than an emotional state of being, Love is the binding force of the Universe. It fills us full of light, joy, passion, and togetherness, bringing us to tears with feelings of belonging and wholeness. It is what draws us together and delivers us from the pains and traumas that assail us, threatening to drown our joy. By embracing Love, we assert our intention to the Universe to transmute these challenges into lessons and allow them to bring us closer together, as is their purpose.



The true meaning of compassion is to feel as another feels, to such an extent that separation between "self" and "other" is dissolved. Literally, it means to "feel together". In many ways, compassion is a deeper manifestation of Love, but even more intimate; we join our hearts with our fellow beings in order to heal, expand, and nurture them and, in so-doing, ourselves. By embracing compassion, we commit to always act in the best interest of all beings.



To join forces with another is to amplify one's own energy. No truly great achievement was achieved alone; even the greatest artists relied upon the support and patronage of others continually throughout their lives. When individuals of great power and vision join together under unified purpose, the potential achievements are limited only by the constraints of our own minds. As we grow together, adding strength to our collective, we increase our potentiality and magnify our reach, unifying our hearts under a single powerful intention - to manifest Love.



We acknowledge the tragedy of our modern world in which many groups of people have been enslaved, oppressed, marginalized, and exploited. We commit to fighting institutionalized racism, sexism, heterosexism, and human degradation in general by promoting awareness and providing growth opportunities to members of oppressed communities and promoting diversity.



Conflicts arise within community naturally as part of the human experience. This also extends to our relationship with other beings and the Earth herself, when we seek to exploit, control, or hypercultivate. By embracing Harmony, we agree to work towards the resolution of all conflicts of interest peacefully, fairly, and compassionately. We promote Harmonious balance with all beings, creatures, and the Earth by acting sustainably in all our endeavours. We recognize that when all sentient beings are allowed to express their full purpose and will, they  naturally come into alignment with nature and all other beings.



Wellness is the cornerstone of community. In order for a collective to be strong, each individual must be cared for in a kind, compassionate, holistic manner. We believe that self-care, diet, reasonable exercise, emotional authenticity, and access to natural medicines are the keys to individual Health. We commit to providing resources and connections within our community to facilitate these services for the collective good.



Understanding the principle of Unity is key to unlocking the magic of the Alchemical Child. We are parts of a greater whole, each of us serving a purpose within the grand design. By embracing Unity, we reject divisiveness and accept the truth that we all live the same human experience. As such, we are all equally deserving of compassion and understanding.


A true understanding of the concept of Ubuntu encompasses all of the other values described above, rendering the redundant. UBUNTU is all of us, our collective, unified Being.  From a Nguni Bantu word meaning literally "humanity:, the truth of this teaching goes far beyond that simple English word. Ubuntu is not just a philosophy. Ubuntu is our body, our skin, our bones, our heart. I am you, and you are me. When we love one another, we love ourselves, and when we harm another, we harm ourselves. Once this lens is fully accepted and embraced, then purpose becomes action without conscious thought. We simply are. I am, because we are.


Alchemical Child is the ever-evolving chimera of vision. It will become what the members of our community choose it to be. At this time, there are two primary branches of the tree.


The Alchemical Child Directory of Conscious Businesses and Creators

Our curated directory showcases businesses, entrepeneurs, activists, healers, and creators who are seeking to bring their message to the greater world.  Organizations who are in alignment with the Values listed above are encouraged to Add a Free Listing and become an Alchemical Child Member.  Members may claim their listings, gain the ability to  update their listings, and have access to advertising privileges on Alchemical Child by joiningg the Marketing Collective, which starts at $0.88/per month.  Partners within our Collective also have access to marketing services we call Featurettes, which can be purchased on a subscription basis or a la carte. A Featurette may be any content, such as a blog, a video, a podcast, or a specialized Creator Profile Interview, a service which starts at $150. These Featurettes will be made public on both Alchemical Child sites, as well as on Facebook. Creator Profile Interviews may be also used by Partners as private marketing content, and edited for personal use as desired.

The Alchemical Child eZine

This is our true labor of love. The Directory is our Work, but this is our Play.  Here we showcase our creations and the creations of those who fall into alignment with our values. We collaborate with writers, artists, musicians, and visionaries to showcase original content. We seek those who push the boundaries of convention, those who understand that Art is Magic. There is no topic too strange, as long as it aligns with our overall values. We want to hear about your spirituality, your sexuality, your healing, your pain, your journey, your struggles. There is nothing quite so beautiful as authenticity. This is not the place for polish and precision, though we do demand quality. Give us your raw, and we will display it with pride and respect.

At this time, we are unable to pay for submissions; however, we do allow promotion of websites and Patreon links with contributor bylines.






We are Asia Chidzikwe and Nathan Amthor. Collectively, we have been students of the metaphysical arts for over 30 years. Since 2015 we have dedicated our partnership to expanding our consciousness and working through our shadows in order to bring the world a message of unity, solidarity, peace, and personal transformation. Alchemical Child was born of our mutual love and collaboration, the fusion of our purpose and vision.

This is our gift to you, the Body of Ubuntu. We love you all. Thank you for being here.