The Social Network for New Earth

A Collaborative Intentional Digital Community for Conscious Co-Creators


Alchemical Child Empowers



Using a full-featured, mobile-friendly private messaging system.




With like-minded people by adding them as friends and joining special interest groups.





To bring your projects to the next level using our full suite of workflow planning tools.




The things you care about with your friends in real-time.




The inspired content your community has been waiting for!


Alchemical Child stands apart because we are . . .



We are not owned by “big tech” and are not seeking to generate revenue for ourselves on this platform.

We operate through member donations and sponsorships.

How big we grow is completely up to you!




We utilize state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption technology to ensure that your personal information will never be compromised.

We stay informed of the latest risks and update our systems as needed to protect our members.




We NEVER sell or voluntarily disclose any of our user’s personal information for any reason, and we never will.

We collect only minimal demographic data to ensure our systems run properly.

We enable our users to have complete privacy controls over their content and profile information within the Network.




Your identity is YOUR intellectual property.

You may present any name and avatar here you choose so long as you follow the community standards we all agree to.

One account per person is all we ask.




We love you.

We mean it, from the bottom of our hearts.

This spirit of unconditional love is what drives our lives.

Our Purpose and Intention is nothing less than the Activation of Heart-Centered Awareness.

This means compassion, wellness, and sustainable living for all.


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Registration is currently by invitation only.


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